Friday, 31 August 2012

Home Management prepares the kids...if your quick enough!

I’ve always said to my kids, don’t just leave home, plan it and I can help you. Well that was changed on my oldest sons part, he went for a visit one day and didn’t come home! We laugh about it now but he’s settled with his girls and his fiancĂ© and all has come exceptionally well for them.

jay n baileyNo matter how many times I look at Jay, I can’t help but feel proud of the person he’s become.

When Scott left it was appropriate timing after my marriage ended, since then he’s completed college and university and about to move into his own place nearby, so I’m now on the look out for some good furniture for him even if I have to do it up first. He has it together impressively well.

scottI totally love the man my Scott has become.

Now I’m determined that at least one of my 4 kids will leave home with some input and planning from me! I just always wanted to share that experience with them and Kirsten is the one that is more like me, plan, plan and more plan. While she has her list of things she ‘wants’ for a flat/house I am going the practical route and working on a file that covers everything from washing treatments to diy, from recipes to budgeting. I am hopeful that by the time she leaves for uni {3 years from now} it will be comprehensive enough for her to comfortably and confidently hold her own and add to/personalise it to her tastes.


Kirsten {right} has grown to be such a loving, independent and smart young lady. Knowing her as I do I believe she will make one awesome midwife one day.

Being a mom means you have no choice about going through changes, trials and compromises. I’m the first to admit I’ve had my fair share of them with my kids but as they get older I see how they are making choices that are right, positive and uplifting to the worries they each have. I have never been so challenged with anything or anyone as I have through my years as a mom, yet its the one role in life that I would repeat time and again if I had the same 4 kids.

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Being a mom means I have to go through more changes than the kids do, otherwise the poor things would be stifled and unprepared for the world out there. Its a scary process but one that my Heavenly Father has blessed and trusted me with and while I have failed many times I know there are many things ringing in their conscience that I’ve shared/taught them over the  years. I’m very grateful for all the lessons and experiences I have had with each of them over the years, I know I, too have learnt and grown a lot with them and because of them.

I just don’t think I’m ready still for any of them to leave home.....


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