Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A lost summer?

Time flies eh? So many plans were scheduled for this 6 week period but with the loss of my little Billy-Norman life has taken a couple of twists and turns I didn’t expect. The alternative hasn’t all be bad though, just unplanned!
Taking up bike riding to replace the car has been fun {so far} Charley loves our night time rides out where he can just chat, chat and chat some more. Having this time with him has been priceless, listening to him talk about his day, his friends and see how he’s developing his opinions and boundaries is refreshing. The dude is totally my kid!
So using pictures and a few words, here’s a little how it all went....

tent 1Kirsten doesn’t do well in the heat but she does enjoy being in the garden so this little ‘tent’ was ideal for her and Jake to chill out....odd pieces of fabric, a few canes and plenty of cushions made for a happy teen!

IMG00072-20120722-1441Of course, Charley had to follow suit but he wanted something a little less ‘made up’, if I could have made a cave he’d have been ecstatic...but I couldn’t so he wasn’t! He did enjoy being here though.

IMG00057-20120715-1916Plenty of times were spent with this little girl, our lovely Daisy. Thick as thieves with Charley and a breath of fresh air! My best times come when I am with my family and friends. Sappy I know!

aMy little granddaughters are growing up so fast, it was on the way to see these little princesses that my car died :( I can’t believe how happy and alert Lillie-mai is now! Bailey will turn 2 next week and I am wondering where the time has gone to!


Summer wouldn’t be summer without the odd accident or injury. Charley was doing sparring in Karate, caught his foot on his trouser leg as he did his kick and fell, full height onto his face...digging his glasses right into him. The blood was horrendous but a trip to the A&E revealed it was only superficial. He loved wearing the butterfly stitch they put on though!!

Somewhere in all the last 5 weeks we have read books, baked, spray painted and vegged on the sofa. While the weather was unpredictable I can honestly say that it has been a relaxing summer and we are now ready for school/college to start and move on with the next part of the year.

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