Thursday, 12 July 2012

Free Party in a Box!

Party in a Box is still not a launched business...but that isn’t stopping any orders coming through or demonstration bookings, in fact, the bookings are priceless in tweaking the details of how best to take this innovative idea forward to create something that all moms (and dads) can take on board with less outlay, less worry, less stress and more assurances that they are getting a better-than-great deal.

One of the things I’ve been working on is building a local team of people to network with to bring a wide range of special offers, deals and giveaways to my customers which, again will make their party shopping less stressful, more creative and still supporting local/small businesses.

One of the ‘team’ gave me a challenge last week. She was horrified when I said I didn’t have a Facebook page yet, even though I’d started putting it together I hadn’t actually finished it. So in my shame I got the page done, got some likes and kinda left it at that while I worked on other things. Again, Jill was horrified and was even more determined that this page will happen and actually do something!!

So, the challenge is, she will sponsor Party in a Box if I reach 100 likes by the end of Friday 13th July 2012! So far I am up to 57, admitted I have badgered my friends and my British Homemaker page but in all honesty I doubt I am hitting out towards the people who it is marketed for. So, with time running out, I ask, plead, beg (!!!) for you to hop on over, like the page and then share with your friends and family. Here is why you should....

When I have reached 100 likes, a Party in a Box kit will be up for raffle! At £1 per number and no limit to how many you can buy, you will be in with a chance to win a kit worth £55...RRP £120!! You get to choose what theme/colour kit you would like and I will get it delivered to you within 7-10 working days by courier. Now before you check your calendar to see whose birthday is next, remember, with summer holidays about to start there is a range of ways you can use these boxes....

1. birthdays, anniversaries

2. new baby get togethers

3. baby showers
4. picnics and bbq’s
5. graduation party
6. play date

I’m sure you can come up with a whole lot more too! The fab thing with this box is you can reuse nearly all of what is in there, the box has its own attached lid so you can reuse it, store it inconspicuously and add to it whenever you please.

So, as I now need to get off my knees (the begging position!!) I will say thank you in advance!! See you over on Party in a Box Facebook page! Let me know you came from here and I will throw in a little freebie if you win!


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