Friday, 20 July 2012

Era’s are emotional!

This year is the end of 2 era’s in my life, both concerning my kids. It’s also the end of my Scott’s 3 years at university...and I don’t mind saying it’s all very emotional for me.

Kirsten left school the day after she turned 16 (June) and is now eagerly awaiting September to move onto college. She is so fired up about it, having chosen her subjects, seen how it will take her into the career she so badly wants (midwife) and how she will no longer have to deal with subjects that bore her senseless (science and P.E). I’m not sure how we got to this point, it was only 5 mintues ago I was attending her primary school leaving assembly, again wondering how we’d gotten to that point too! After how the last year has been for her, I stand all amazed at how she has not only gained momentum on life itself but leapt so far forward with her education that even her tutors didn’t want her to leave! Proud mommy here.

Today is the last day Charley is in infant school. Seeing him sing with all his heart in his leaving assembly all but broke my heart. The people who miss out on this day are the same ones that miss out on his very first day at school, the day he was awarded star of the week, best attitude, most helpful and hardest worker awards. The same people who will miss out on  his grading in Karate which he is so passionate about it’s contagious. Watching the video his teachers had made with the 4 year 2 classes around the school, singing and dancing left no eye dry in the hall, the kids were amazing and my dude sat there with such a happy face I fell in love with him all over again. I am so very thankful that my Heavenly Father gave Charley to me, he fills everything that ever feels like a void in my life, he never gives up, is always supportive and happy and encouraging, not only to his friends but especially to me...cos you see, to him, I am his Queen. That’s what he tells me. He says ‘Mom, thank you for just doing your best, you never fail me’. If only he knew!


{see those bright coloured ‘high tops’ there? that was his reward for not only a good report but an excellent one...he falls top of the class in all of his subjects...given his dyslexia that is quite a mean feat!!}

His school also end an era, the infants and juniors join the high school as of September and become an academy. New uniforms, new colours, new subjects and all manner. I am looking forward to being a part of that along with Charley himself.

DSCN2333The lady who made Charley’s moving schools the easiest it could be, helped him when he had time off with his abscess to catch up, she wouldn’t let him lose confidence when his dyslexia almost bought him to tears with his reading. Miss Kennedy has been a rock for Charley, we shall always be grateful to her.

There is just one more ‘new era’ I’m waiting for now....and that’s for Jay and Tara to finally get a house near to me, spending time with them more often and having regular visits to and from my gorgeous grand-daughters will make my life just perfect.

I have a great deal of faith in my kids, in their hopes and dreams. I have faith they will learn from their falls, faith they will not give up or be swayed into submission. I have faith they will walk the path they are capable of, to achieve each and every goal they desire to reach. I have faith that Heavenly Father will walk with them, guide them and help them to become the people they are meant to be. Faith. What a beautiful feeling.

Life is always changing, I love to grasp those changes and enjoy the moments, they don’t stay long before we fall in with a new routine and new habits easily forgetting the things that helped us get to where we are. While I spend a few days reminiscing with Charley as we add to his memory book I know I’ll shed a fair few tears, but that’s ok, I’m totally allowed.


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