Saturday, 2 June 2012

Recycle: Macdonalds Drinks


If you are a TbH fan over on Facebook then this is nothing new to you...if you aren’t then this recycled idea may be handy for almost any room in your home. Its cheap, easy and quick as well as ideal for the kids to do too.


                                             A regular cup holder....

DSCN1904               I used one of those little sample paint pots in turquoise
DSCN1903               Remember to do some of the visible underneath sides
DSCN1905                               wipe out the cups and dry them well
DSCN1918                    find some paper you like, tear and patch it all over
DSCN1913                                               add your contents.

                    The centre part is ideal for other little goodies too.

This project can also be used for other things such as make up accessories, tidying up a shelf in the garage, bathroom or office. The list is quite wide and varied really.


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