Thursday, 31 May 2012

It’s been a while...

My last post saw me at a crossroads with the new life I had quite suddenly found myself in the middle of and not sure what to do with myself or which way to go. So I done the only thing I really know how to do...took time out.
During that time out I had an offer to move to Australia, along with a job, home and sponsorship. Kirsten and Charley, like me, were quite excited about the new lifestyle, opportunities and the outdoor living the offer held. We researched, prayed and talked about it a lot. But along the way I realised I didn’t quite feel like I was able to do this kind of move or any kind of move again.

Last  years events have really taken its toll on me and the security of living in this house pretty much has me nailed. I think my channel hopping days are over and I feel rather good about that.
Through all of this I also had the offer to write for a craft blog and offer any creations I have that would suit their readers, the lady who made the offer was actually rather excited about my ‘style’ and ideas. I also write a trash to treasure article each month for a local newsletter which is a paid commission. Then I was offered to also write for a fellow homemaking site on a variety of home subjects. In all the things The British Homemaker was going to project on its own site is being done elsewhere...and I have none of the responsibility or time consuming behind the scenes work to do. So as of now, The British Homemaker is purely a hobby to me. That pressure off, it means I can focus and share things that I find useful or fun, in the home, with the kids, as a crafter, as a woman and as a mom and its all for a non-profit cause.

On the flip side though, as I don’t want to be employed by someone else full time I am about ready to launch a new, focussed business....which I can’t reveal for a few more days...but while the rest of the orders are in transit and photography is being organised I hope to launch by next week.
The next few posts will be sharing some crafty things I’ve done around the house in the last few weeks...I hope, with the tone being more relaxed here that the readers who show up on my stats will actually start commenting!! :)
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