Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Simple storage idea

A couple of weeks ago I decided to try out an idea I had for Charley’s room. I was so fed up of hearing his groans when a lego kit got knocked by his friend or stepped on by me him when he’d spent hours and hours building it. Lego is his life. So off I went to armour up with the required bits.

Shelf, lego storage, toy storage, bedroom storage, *Note! I have since replaced that narrow shelf with a proper sized one…and he’s since filled that very shelf with over 12 constructions!*
I decided on a pine effect curtain pole {painted in glow in the dark paint which looks rather cool at night} the baton is added support but also as I chose a longer length I was able to add some hooks for his other bits {it’s now filled with key rings, ds cases and other stuff} The S hooks and flexi tubs are ideal for not only his odd bits of lego but for his teddies and other stuff {he’s since added 3 more tubs since this pic, how slack am I to not photo it?!!}

Hooks, hangersSimple white medium sized hooks are effective enough, nothing special was required here.
S hooks, storage, toy storage, lego storageI have used the large S hooks for the larger tubs but smaller ones for the smaller tubs.
curtain pole, glow in the dark paint, shelf, lego storage

Having only just moved into this house there is a huge amount of work to do still…. this is just the beginning!

What storage ideas would you suggest to accommodate lego? I’m still looking for ideas given he still has about 20 sets to display!


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