Saturday, 21 April 2012


I’ve been pondering some different things this week, seems my brain has a process it insists on me being present with. So, even though I’m not going to splurge my thinking yet {because it’d probably make me sound wacko right now!} I thought I’d put some questions out there and see what others think…

1. Have you ever had to relocate and start from the very beginning in a brand new area? By that I mean, rebuild a home, work/business, friends, schools, life…the whole works?

2. What was the hardest thing you found to rebuild?

3. Are you a get up and do it kind of  person or a ponder it then decide cautiously person?

4. When your mojo has got up and gone, how do you reclaim it? What tricks do you use?

I guess these are some of the things I’m obviously pondering and to a degree struggling with, but I know it will all sort itself out and settle down but as I insist on my humanness I know I have to work through them and make decisions and choices. I just fear making the wrong ones because the consequences don’t need to be added on to the present life challenges.

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