Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Losing weight

A couple of years ago I had to go on medication for a stomach complaint, the side effects were migraines and weight gain, well they are the ones that affected me. After the course finished and my issue settled I was left with extra, unwanted poundage. Being the other side of 40 means unless I become a workout freak I have to work extra hard to lose it again. But I’m a lazy a$$ when it comes to working out, yeah I’ve given a few workouts a go, the best one being Jillian Michaels. However, now add in a knee injury that isn’t healing and you have a physical oxymoron!!
See the beagle cheeks going on there? clip_image002 
I’ve never really had a weight problem, I’ve been lucky in that way, though saying that, it took my marriage breaking down to loose the weight a year after having Charley! I do not recommend the divorce diet! Losing 2 and a half stone in 6 weeks is not the way to go, but darn I looked good!! clip_image004 

Being 5’2” doesn’t do me many favours, having a small frame but being short and with extra pounds means I look like a flump mom…not the look I was going for! I wish I could say it was the food I eat, or the time I eat it but that’s the one thing I seem to have well adjustment on, well I do when I get round to eating! No this is purely lazy stuff, and I have to change. Fast.

So in my attempt to regain my body, my energy levels and my self esteem I am going to change the obvious things in my days….the 2 mile round trip to the school twice a day will be a start…with the plan to get a bike and bike it…and who knows, I may even bike other places…other than Sainsbury’s that is…cos those orange carrier bags just wouldn’t bode well on my handlebars!! clip_image006  Day 1 started today, I done ok so far….one round trip to the school!! Haha

On the plus side and if I’m really honest a motivating factor is Charley and my grand-daughters…I want to enjoy their childhood years with them…not be a bystander.

What is your work out? Give me ideas here… Smile

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