Monday, 16 April 2012

Freehand animal print walls

Kirsten loves animal print, specifically leopard print. She has it on everything from cups, phone cases, bedding, t-shirts, uggies and a whole lot more so it was no real surprise when I asked her to begin designing out her bedroom that this was the theme. As the house is just a few months old we need to wait a year before we can actually decorate {the foundations are settling and that nearly always means cracks that will need to be repaired} so she came up with the idea for a stencilled print border, I went in search of something but not really sure of what and guess what? I found the perfect tutorial that Kirsten I will easily be able to do. I am totally not an artistic person with this sorta thing!

So, as it’s such a great and simple instruction I figured it’s only fair to name and share the method.

If you click on either of the photos you can go right to the full tutorial.

The nice thing with this project is you only need buy the tester pots of paint, you can use paints or chalks from your craft kit, it doesn’t necessarily have to be paint even….the imagination is limitless here!

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