Saturday, 14 April 2012

Free storage?

I can’t remember {or find} any post that shows this idea from when we were living in temporary accommodation last year…so I figured I’d share them {again probably!}


Cleaned out food tins serve not only as recycling but are actually space savers…I now have drawers for other things. A couple of bottles filled with coloured water jazz any space up and a used and cleaned out KFC bucket is ideal in this case for treats!


Perfect for cutlery, straws, odd change {the small pot} and what later became baking utensils.

If you weight down the inside of a tin with a few stones these tins are also ideal for the larger utensils too.
I had some sticky back fabric I’d bought a while before and this job seemed perfect.

Even now we are settling into our new home I  still use these, I’ve even added to them because I find they are just ideal space savers for a whole range of things and reduce the input of my recycle bin!



What do you do to save space in your kitchen?


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