Thursday, 26 January 2012

Thankful Thursday!

On my other blog I started a thankful Thursday {I think there’s a blog thing for that anyway but this is unrelated}, my other blog is about me as a mom, my struggles, my highs and my life. So if you read this there, apologies!

Two weeks ago when I was in the height of ecstasy at finally having a home I felt I could see and feel all the blessings just unfold around me so I wanted to record each week what I was thankful for.

This week:

    1. being able to be a work at home mom when my son is sick
    2. the decision to only use the computer at night when I really have to has been a blessing
    3. sugar donuts
    4. the creative bloggers that I am so inspired by
    5. skype
    6. comfy slippers {especially my stripy ones!}
    7. the housing association I rent from and all the community/work opportunities
    8. good neighbour {adjoining my house}
    9. the scriptures and finding just what I need when I need it most
    10. the power of prayer
    11. jacket potatoes
    12. jillian michaels workout dvd
    13. being able to read
    14. my dad
    15. books: reading with Charley and learning things that interest me
    16. sitting in  my garden

What are you thankful for this week?


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