Wednesday, 4 January 2012

No Resolutions here

I stopped falling into that trap a long time ago. Instead I tend to spend some time just thinking about the last year and what I’ve learned from it, where it took me {and my kids} and pick out the parts we need to fix, build on or change and make them a part of the new year. The things that have gone well for us we either keep doing or take them further..whichever the case is.

This  year I’m not too clear on where I want to take The British Homemaker. I love my business, the variety I offer in all things homemaking, sewing and baking as well as recycling and eco living, but we didn’t have a typical 2011 and I am beginning to see how severely my kids were affected. They are happy and positive but they have lost faith in me. I am the one parent who has always managed to save them from that hard fall except this time. They are trying hard to believe me when I say it’s all going to work out and we can get through anything after that stint. Yet I still see they are doubtful.

I don’t blame them for that in the least, it wasn’t anyone’s choice but the landlords that we had to move and now it’s time to move on, pick ourselves up and regain our lives.

The great thing about that is it’s not that hard to do!

So while Kirsten finishes her last year of school and prepares for College in September she is psyching herself up for an intense few months. Charley will be starting a new school locally when the place is offered {hopefully it will be} and I will then take through January to figure out exactly what direction The British Homemaker will go in. There are many options with it of which I want to think about and decide based on what is best for the kids and me. Then there is the desire to take a course, not sure which one but something to get my head back in the outside world and maybe do the diploma that I've wanted to do the last couple of years. I have a lot to think about and a lot of changes to support my kids with, so for now I am chilling, enjoying and smiling….a lot!


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