Friday, 13 January 2012

Colour dilemma :(


Definitely not a good picture but it’ll do for now!

I want some input….this lovely pine welsh dresser has been given to me by a lovely lady and I’m spinning over it. Ok so I have one in storage but that's for another project…this, however is just the right size to stay in my kitchen. So far I’ve just added some oil cloth buntings I’ve made {the top one actually has The British Homemaker inked on the ribbon} but I want to paint it….and I’m totally and utterly confuddled on what colour to use.

I live in a brand new house that is naturally very contemporary yet my style has evolved over recent years and I’m definitely into the retro/vintage thing {see here for the wall art} I’m not using any particular colours but I am loving the pastels right now. Yet again I love the bright turquoise too. No, scrap that I’m saving the turquoise for the living room accents!

  So, what colour/s do YOU think????

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