Saturday, 24 December 2011

Homeless? Not me!

On Thursday afternoon I had a home visit from a housing association who were considering me for a house about 10 miles away. I think I was more optimistic because it meant I was not lost in the system and someone had finally noticed us. The interview went well, even a few laughs and I was told a decision would be made the next morning.

Throughout the day my Facebook friends streamed comments, messages and texts of support and prayers. I was so humbled it moved me to tears. Even after my own prayers I knew it was going to be ok. There was a part of me that felt this house would be offered to me, but I couldn’t get too far ahead of myself.

Yesterday morning I actually missed the call. When I realised the agent had called my spare phone I learnt that I had, indeed been offered the house!

Charley almost broke his ankle as he kicked the air and hit the table instead and as it came down he promptly sent my drink flying over the room!

But who cares, right? We are no longer homeless!!

Once I let my kids, family and very close friends know I updated my Facebook status. All I can say is if comments were snow I’d have been avalanched! In mere seconds and minutes my phone crashed, literally because the updates, messages and texts that were coming through were just too much for my poor Blackberry!

More blessings followed as the day progressed, not the typical kind, I had extra big ones and all day I was flying high. Nothing else mattered now I could finally give my kids a home, a place to call their own and security again.

Christmas is pretty much here for us now, with or without the frills, gifts, food and all that, Christmas is really here! My prayer of thanks was a complete blubber of tears, thoughts and a puffed out thank you! I think my Heavenly Father kinda got it though. Lol

So now we are ready for Christmas, ready for 2012 and ready for a new life!


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