Saturday, 10 December 2011

Do they believe?

Charley is an innocent 7 year old who loves all things magical and imaginative. Last year everything was scored off the scale, from the mention of Santa to making cookies. He would do the I-need-a-pee dance at the sight of the tree or a gift. This year he’s taken it all in his stride.


He has taken any opportunity to bake, make and create yet until the gingerbread house he hasn’t instigated anything himself. This worries me. Is my baby losing the magic, or has it been the toll of the year just pulling him back?
Admitted I have lost all momentum this year with all the things I’ve had to deal with but I’ve tried hard for it to not affect him. Maybe I didn’t do enough, I don’t know.


Then we watched The Polar Express together and he was back to a million questions a minute needing the answers to be just right. It was then that I saw that the magic is still there for him, he still believes.
I’m not ready for him to question the magical side to Christmas. I’m not ready for him to stop believing. I’m not ready for him to grow up.

Now I can relax…for this year!

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