Thursday, 8 September 2011

When you cant beat em, join em!

We all carry our own deal in life according to our choices, reactions and abilities. In many cases we carry the effects of others decisions too and it’s tough to get through the fog in life.  I’m a firm believer that we are only given the challenges that we have the ability to cope with ~ with the assistance and guidance of Jesus Christ. I admit to failing more often than I’m proud to admit and this morning was no different.

Sat in Macdonald's with my journal I mulled over the last few days and felt myself just sink into submission. An off the cuff remark yesterday in a business group cut me to the core, my exhaust dropped off the car, a hole was made in it and I now have an added bill of over £100 to get it sorted. Bad timing. It was very late when I got home from the forest of dean and all hell was breaking lose at the place where my kids were. There was no point me trying to explain or defend myself so we just left.

Living out of a B&B isn’t the hardest thing to do, but when your stuff is stored between the B&B, a car, your moms shed and a friends house you kinda have to be on top of your game. I’m not. So long as Charley is prepared for School then I’ll work the rest accordingly. We are living on homemade chips {I bought a luverly stainless steel chip fryer for our room!} and anything that can go with it. So far the kids think its great to have chips so much but give it a few days and they’ll probably threaten to leave home if they so much as see another chip!


Then my friend Richard calls me, offering yet more support and encouragement to a deflated, slightly angry me. Man he has patience! Winking smile By the end of the call one challenge was sorted and another was in the making of being sorted. Instead of me getting all frustrated that I have nowhere to work and orders coming in left, right and centre I decided to take Richard’s idea and set up shop in my room here. It’s a big room….big! The manager agreed to take out the 4th bed and let me add 2 tables…one for the sewing machine and another to cut the fabric. Business is about to start again.


We’ll that’s as soon as I find two tables!

If my Bishop allows it I could have that problem solved!

So, when all seems impossible around you and your friends are going insane with your insanity and you just cant beat em….jolly well join em! Winking smile

What have you overcome today?


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