Saturday, 20 August 2011

Raising cash to find a home

My second stint at being homeless. Not my doing, it was just circumstances of the landlord and the indecisions of a would-of-been landlord. However it has not been plain sailing and as good as my mom is and as much as she is trying to help and be supportive, we are just totally different in characters, routines and attitudes. I am in her home, I have invaded her space and routine, I try to play by her rules {not that she really has rules, but expectations is more like it} yet for a few weeks we have been hit and miss with each other. We haven’t argued or anything of that nature, we just got into our own ways and forgot to stop and communicate.

The constant opposition and hurdles knocked my confidence sideways. My kids and I need our own home, we need our space, routine, our own things around us and we need each other. We miss being our own little family doing things our way, we miss our silly moments, our bedtime routines and cuddles on the sofa while debating a tv programme. It’s just so very different when you are in someone else’s home.

During this time I hit rock bottom emotionally. House after house fell through because I have now officially ‘lost’ my business and have to {reluctantly} rely on housing benefit to pay most of the rent. I know I will get the business back again but it is fruitless whilst I have no idea where a house will come up at. I have registered with every housing association I can find, I haven’t left any stone unturned in any renting sector yet I just do not seem to be having any ‘luck’.

So I have come up with a way to fix that. As my fabric checkers board game sells like hot cakes at certain times of the year I have decided to use that one product to raise the money I need to get into a house. That’s all I’m raising, no more than I need, then the product will go back to being ordered when a customer sees it and wants it.

So, peek over there on the right and see the new Facebook page set up for Handmade with Love, over there you will see the one item that I use for display purposes and the info will tell you more about it. Later this evening I will be posting more designs on it as I have already gained 6 orders within 2 hours of me mentioning it on my wall, my group, my other Facebook page and then my friends posting on their walls! Truly I am amazed!

So, as I do not want charity or donations {which the latter has been offered but gratefully declined} I know that this fabric/portable/washable game is the perfect project to raise cash with. Why? Because:

    1. Lined and backed with good quality fabric.
    2. The squares are sewn in to secure when washing then covered with ribbon for effect.
    3. Fully machine washable and dryer friendly.
    4. Built in pocked to hold the counters.
    5. Fold and/roll it up and tie with an attached piece of ribbon to secure.
    6. Fits neatly into any size bag.
    7. Ideal for family nights, keeping the kids quiet in sacrament meeting, in the car, whilst camping or in a dentist’s waiting room.
    8. They are big sellers in community groups, I have had many orders from community centres, baby groups, hospital wards and even schools.
    9. Though the one I have shown was a no-sew one, this one will be sewn for extra durability {though my no-sew one has been through the mill and still as strong as ever!}
    10. This item will last for years and years, a whole lot longer than any cardboard made game!

checkers game

So, whilst this one is not perfectly straight, the sewn ones are measured and finished perfectly well. The counters on here are used bottle tops but on the sewn ones they are made of cork with shapes on either side. Patterns, colours and themes are varied, I am currently working on a patchwork one which I’m getting rather excited about if I am honest!

So, want to know more? Want to buy one for the family to play this winter? Want to buy for a family but on a tight budget?

That is fine, just tootle over to my page and place your order! The wait time is currently 7 days {excluding Sundays} but it may change if more orders come in.


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