Monday, 8 August 2011

Gellie-Liahona Camp

On 29th July the kids and I took off to Cardigan in Carmarthenshire for an 8 day camping trip with our fellow Lds Single Adult and families and had a blast of a time. I’ve camped before but not a whole week with limited facilities but I have to say we just totally loved it. The Gellie-Liahona Campsite is owned and run by a fellow Lds family who are awesome, we’ll definitely be going back there again next year!

Over the last few years the kids and I have really rethought our lifestyles and realised how materialistic we’d become so going back to basics wasn’t a hardship {though at times it was uncomfortable having dirty hair and limited clean clothes!} but actually freed us of all the things the worldly shackles. Now I am hyped on camping and already have another weekend planned with Single Adults only!


We got there around 2ish but late on the night we hit a local beach in New Quay…


Charley, along with my friends kids, jumped in the water…only Jules and Michele went in fully clothed!


cos our Michele is the typical nut job!! Smile


and our Jules aint much better either!! Smile


Charley was soon in the water anytime we were near it!


Busby had an identity crisis…either that or she was just indecisive as to what to do first!


Charley made a best friend…Holly. She would seek him out and he would follow…no wait, should that be the other way round? Smile


Girls really were worse than the kids!!


Holly hung on to every word Charley said!


Friendships were cemented…young and old.


Even the girl had a wail of a time…esp. with the fun shaped/coloured rocks she collected!


Two friends who inspire me as well as make me laugh! Smile


I realised that when I wind up my friends I should perhaps do it when they don’t have gun! Winking smile


Andy took some shots of Charley and I. Just wish those braids in my hair were out…they made my face feel like a beagles!

I have a heap of photos and memories from this week, it is, by far one of the best holidays I’ve had in a very long time! Charley was complimented by almost everyone, Kirsten forged great friendships and me, I just enjoyed hanging out with those I got on well with and being my usual self.

Next stop…Chorley Temple next week!

What is your summer holding for you?


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