Wednesday, 10 August 2011


We all have friends, different flavours, different backgrounds, different ages, colours and all that lot….but I am always amazed how friends really step up a level when the going gets tough…over the last few months I have made some really awesome ones who have lifted me when I’ve felt my life was too much, laughed when I tried to be funny, hugged me when I felt alone and assured me when I was feeling insecure.

Friendship isn’t always on our wrists or visible for the world to see, we don’t always appreciate them but its when they need us, or we need them that the word friend really kicks in.
I love my friends, the young and old, male and female, Lds and other. I am truly blessed to have so many people to inspire, guide, help and encourage me….and best of all…allow me to be in their lives! Smile
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