Tuesday, 9 August 2011

BBQ Buckets

Preparing for our camping trip I debated the options on how to cook, gas or bbq. In the end the bbq bucket won because I just love the taste of bbq’d meats. I had it all planned out in my head how I was going to serve a variety of good food whilst in the basicness of camping.

This little baby got used twice!


For these yummy chickens and for roasted marshmallows!

My Bffffffff and F {secret joke} Michele {who’s tent we stayed in} allowed us to use her gas stove, cheating I know! Smile

But it was still the best £12 I’ve spent and I can see it becoming a permanent fixture in our lives. Kirsten and Charley love nothing more than to sit in the garden with me at night and now we have this they toast their marshmallows easily and safely. I picked this one up from Sainsbury’s just after their sale, but that’s ok, I did manage to snag me a water filter for half the cost at the same time! {Review on that another day!}

Please remember that this should still be used under adult supervision at all times. It takes a while for the coals to die out so when you are done it’s worth pouring a pot of water over it to be sure.

Of course the blue fits perfectly with my The British Homemaker logo and style! Winking smile

What is your preferred cooking style in summer?


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