Thursday, 18 August 2011

9 ways to be ready for school

The start of a new school year can be exciting yet expensive and time consuming, over the years I have learnt what not to do and how best to do the challenge. Here are my top 9 must-do’s:


  • Don't wait till the week before school starts! Two weeks before is fine {that’s what I usually do}. Make a shopping list for each child then go house shopping. It’s surprised what items we already have that we’ve stashed or forgotten about, especially stationary.
  • DSCF1347
  • Decide on your labelling system and get the kids involved. Be it a permanent pen or sewn in labels, most kids can do an effective job.
  • Don’t try and do other shopping in town at the same time, make it a specific day for school shopping. With older kids, give them their own budget and let them go off and pick up there items.
  • If you are like me and buy reduced priced items when they aren’t in season now is a good time to get them out, last year I didn’t buy many uniform items other than logo sweaters because I  had made use of the sales and bought bigger sizes.
  • Wash, dry and iron them before the big day. Most clothes shrink a little after the first wash and sweaters tend to leave the inner lining all over shirts so get that dealt asap.
  • DSCF1358
  • Get the kids to get their book bags ready. Be it an older bag or a new one, once their stuff is all labelled and ready to use even they will look forward to going back again.
  • Don’t be afraid to let the kids break their shoes in, if only in the house. Sore feet are not nice!
  • DSCF1344
  •      Have at least 5 shirts/blouses/t-shirts, not only did my kids come home from school with dirty tops most days but when they’re   running round with their friends they often get sweaty too.
  •      If you are like me, the school holiday routine is very different to school term routine so its a good idea to start getting their bedtime routine back in check.

These 9 simple rules will make the new term flow much easier and stress free. Honest!


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