Thursday, 7 July 2011

Charley’s Sports Day

Charley couldn’t wait to be part of sports day, even though my heart ached when he stopped, put his hand on my hand and said:

I know I won’t win mom, I’m not good or fast like the others

I hate that days like this are about winning. I wasn’t sure how this school done their sports days as he’s only been there 2 weeks so I was very grateful when he took on board my words of comfort; that he will enjoy it more if he does it for the fun than to try and win.

True to form, he put more effort into the participation then his speed, just like most of the other kids in his class. The odd one or two were competitive and ended up in tears when they didn’t win, I felt sorry for them, they had totally lost the meaning of the day.

Charley came 2nd in two races and last in the running race (out of 5) along with his girl buddy but he was a very happy boy. The down side is we had to leave half way through because he threw up and had tummy cramps. Still, I got a few good pictures and a couple of short videos… {videos added later for the benefit of Jay, Tara and Scott}



First came lunch {which is probably why he was sick later on!}


Then came the lining up for the egg and spoon…of which I video’d rather than photo’d…

big mistake as photos would have been more suitable!

I really must get Chris to edit the video’s or learn how to do it myself, I am such a numpty at times cos now I don’t have enough actual photos! Doh!!



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