Saturday, 9 July 2011

10 Things to do with the kids this summer without the tv!

That’s what I said, NO tv! I don’t know about your household but I have come to despise the television when its not biting cold outside or dark dreary nights. So much time and learning is lost when tv rules the roost so a couple of years ago I decided to put a limit on it. Since then I can see the benefits with both Kirsten and Charley as well as us as a family.

So, I have racked my brain and decided to put together ten things that we’ve tried and tested that deserve to be shared. They aren’t original ideas or come up with by me but all the same, they are fun.

    1. throw a sheet over your washing  line and grab a few friends along with a couple of soft balls, its so much more fun to play soft ball with two balls in the game!
    2. make your own target board…old paint and some duck taped sheets of card (old cereal boxes are perfect) to make a board about 2’ sq. paint two outer circles (about 6” wide)  and cut out the inner circle….each person takes turns to put their face in the hole and risk being splattered with wet sponges!
    3. get 12 plastic juice/pop bottles and line them up on the end of the fence (though I recommend making sure no-one can get behind to be hit!) and use a straw and peas to shoot them down. amazing how this keeps the kids quiet…even the big ones!
    4. using a 2l plastic pop bottle, thread a piece of string through the bottom and a ping pong ball on the other end (string) younger kids will love this resounding ping pong game.
    5. gather a selection of decent sized rocks/stones and let the kids paint them. Faces, abstract or whatever they fancy. Afterwards they are ideal paper weights or lil ornaments on their bedroom windows.
    6. grab an old roll of wallpaper, select enough for the height of each child and let them draw round each other then cut them out. each one can then be pinned to a wall and dressed up to suit that person. use paint, ribbons, lace, old fabric or anything else to make it come to life.
    7. Summer scrapbook. My 6 yr old will do an activity just so he can say he’s done something in his journal, after the first week he’s so hooked on the fun he’s having I have to keep the book updated! When school starts again he loves to look back and share his memories with anyone around.
    8. papier mache bowls. all you need is newspaper, balloons, upva glue and appropriate children. once they are dry they can be painted or covered and decorated. They can even be kept for occasional items on a desk area.
    9. Fancy dress & garden play. The times Charley has acted out a part in Harry Potter whilst dressed in his dracula cape and some old glasses has become a great memory, especially as we recorded each version he done. Grab a load of old clothes and let the kids pick and choose and act out something they are fond of.
    10. Treasure chest box. Pick up a shoe box from the local shoe shop, decorate it, name it and let the kids add anything they find to be treasures throughout the summer….by the end of it they will tell you more memories than you realise!

Just for good measure I will add one more to this, purely because I done this last summer and it was a total hit.

create a sports day in your back garden. A few friends, and some easy-to-make items will give the kids a day of fun and games.

What you could  use:

  • socks sewn up with rice/pasta inside = bean bags
  • ping pong balls – egg and spoon
  • pillowcases – sack race
  • kitchen towel tubes – relay race
  • empty box, sweeping brush and a potato = part of an obstacle course
  • use said bean bags and boxes = toss a ring (put boxes at different distances from the ‘start’ line)

I hope you have some fun with this lot! Feel free to add any of your own in the comments Smile


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