Friday, 10 June 2011

A new life

The last time I posted here I was in the middle of moving house.

This time I post and I’m living with my mom!

So what’s the deal?

It hasn’t been an easy few weeks but it is by far the worst too. The day I moved from the house the one I thought I was moving to fell through. That left us, once again wondering where we were going to drive off to once we were in the car! De je Vous? For sure! Thankfully my mom came to the rescue and invited us to stay with her till I secured something else. I also hit other obstacles, the kids school, my work and the group I was involved with for the course I’ve not long graduated with.

What I didn’t know is how much my life was about to change.

For the next three weeks I found that I was kind of lost. So many hours to fill and nothing to fill them with. I helped with the housework, I read, I set my computer up, I read the scriptures but it was very unnerving for me to not have school runs, my own routine, some privacy and toys all over the place. Life here in Somerset isn’t so much bad but its not what we had come to build and get used to.

But we weren’t going to dwell on the negative side. So whilst I am still searching for a home up in the Forest of Dean it comes to me that I need to keep an open mind on returning to Somerset. At first I didn’t like this idea, I want my son to have a traditional childhood, with the woods, biking, canoeing and that kinda stuff. I wanted to get out of the rat race of town living and kick back in the summer with picnics and bbq’s. Yet as time went on I knew it wasn’t meant to be.

So I went to the temple for a week.

Oh boy. I’d really forgotten what it was like. Spiritually I was super charged, my heart had clear peace and direction and my mind was racing to accept it all. The mornings we did baptisms {I’ll get to the ‘we’ part shortly!} but in the afternoons I was wiped out. Two of them I napped then wanted to kick myself for ‘wasting’ time whilst there. But by the time I came home on Friday I knew I didn’t want to leave and that I’d gained so much clarity and direction that it was ok to go forward with faith.

The biggest thing I learnt was that no matter where or when I talk to my Heavenly Father, He will always respond to me in some way immediately after. By understanding this I have come to rely on Him so much more, to understand what he wants of me and to listen to the Spirit carefully. My relationship with Him is just amazing now, it’s almost surreal.

Anyway, I digress from topic! Since being home {a week now} I have come to accept the direction the Lord wants me to go in. So now we are looking for a house in about 50 miles radius of where my mom lives. Ideally not too close to a town though!

The process for getting the kids in school is the same as anywhere, but sheesh it takes forever. Charley is all ready to go make new friends, at the tip of a hat he’s gone! He’s getting bored now but is coping with it really well, especially as he has my mom to bounce off of and she seems to love it! Kirsten has caught up with Fran next door who she played with when they were younger so she’s doing ok and mom is super good about supporting us all. I just feel very unsettled being so far out of a comfort zone that I feel I should be in at this part of my life.

It doesn’t take much for me to look around and see the blessings I have. My heart is still full of how much I really have. We have a lot of laughs here, funny moments, silly moments and chatty moments. I get time alone and family time. I get to come and go as I please and in all honesty I think I have a time to prepare for what is to come next…so I’m preparing my butt off trying to cover all bases but I just know I’ll end up missing something!

Life is just like that! Smile


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