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5 ways to teach your child at home

Over the last few weeks I have had the opportunity to see what it was that my kids and I actually do when we spend time together. Though we haven’t done any baking or crafts together we do tend to watch a programme and either assassinate it or relate it to our lives for a while after its finished. Kirsten and I have had some great conversations from this which we probably wouldn’t have had otherwise. Charley chimes in with his thoughts and opinions which, in all truthfulness are rather old for his age and I see how much influence is around him {especially when he relates a commercial that he thinks I simply need to make use of!}. I decided to share the 5 things we do particularly that keep us together as a family that very often we either take for granted or do from habit, but they still work.
    1. Family meals ~ you can  never beat the banter around the dinner table and its amazing how the kids will eat more when they aren’t thinking about it.
    2. Time out ~ this is often just us lounging on the sofa, bantering back and forth about whatever is in someones head that will move into a conversation and often giggles. It’s good to know what the kids are thinking.
    3. Prayer & Scripture reading ~ I put these as one because that’s how we do them, together. Charley loves the scriptures {Kirsten isn’t there with them but she does sit in and  join in any chat} and the time we spend daily to focus on gospel matters. This can be for 10 minutes or 30 minutes, depending how long the dude can sit still for.
    4. Tv ~ I’m not that much of a fan of tv per se but I do love to watch NCIS but that’s not what I’m on about here! Sometimes the tv is on for background noise {strange how we seem to have quietened down since being here} and occasionally one of us will catch a comment that gets us chatting, debating and/or questioning. I think I prefer this way to use a tv!
    5. Reading ~ I love books, Kirsten used to love books and I’m hoping to grow Charley’s love of books too. Whilst I try to keep his books fun and imaginative I do also try to source ones that have a moral or principle. I don’t limit the style of books either, easy read words, no words or tougher words, because what Charley can’t read I can teach him.
For now these are the 5 things that bring us together as family. With a teenager finding her feet, a busy 6 year old and a mom with too much time on her hands I think we gain a lot from this list.
Teaching our children comes in so many different styles but we can each find the ones that work for us and rotate ideas as and when they begin to outgrow interest.
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There is no place on earth that will teach our children better for the outside world. No person is more qualified to teach our children than us parents. No child deserves anything less that the effort, time and dedication from their parents to be taught wisely whilst they are eager and willing to learn. I truly believe, especially after my own mistakes and short comings during my 22 years of being a mother, that it is the home that prepares our children for their future.
At 22 my son is now a father himself and quickly realising all the things he has to do to teach his own daughter…
jay n bailey
The list of things we can teach our children is really limitless. Charley has been asking for a while now for me to teach him to use my sewing machine. Whilst I am a little sceptical about this I figured if he tried some hand sewing first we could then progress to the machine at a later date {though I don’t think I will get away with that for very much longer!} Kirsten loves to bake and create with salt dough, so whilst I don’t do it for her I will often hover around and we’ll chat about whatever she is making ask me questions and challenge me with something I don’t know!
My daughter often asks me, ‘…but how do you know God is real?’ ‘how did he get to be God anyway?’ This takes me to another kind of teaching because I need to be really tuned with my own thinking, words and the spirit to portray this in less that 5000 words, coherently and effectively. I fail. 5002 words is the average! Winking smile Whatever family beliefs are in place I hope you exhort them to the best of your potential, doing so part time is just as uncertain as not teaching them at all.
As I write in my journal at the end of each day I wonder about what they leant and realise that I’ve actually learnt more than I believe I’ve taught! I also recognise that there’s nothing I can teach my children if I am not living by teachings myself and that, in my opinion is a rather good motivator in itself!
Children are temporary. One day they will be looking at colleges, universities, missions, marriage and other ways they’ll enter into adulthood….I hope that you, like me will prepare your children enough to take that first step with faith, optimism and excitement.
One rule to remember though: even though this is the most important work you will do in your life, do it with faith, fun and relentless energy…I can personally promise that the fruits will come to pass and your relationships will be strengthened, deepened and unbreakable.
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