Monday, 4 April 2011


There are 3 things I particularly hate in life:

1. Ironing

2. Cutting grass

3. Moving house

However, I make peace with the first two every now and again by promising myself a reward. Moving house, however is not that easy. There’s always a lull before the storm no matter how organised I think I am.

My lull either isn’t here yet or it’s in the hands of my Heavenly Father because this time round I am totally relaxed about the prospect of packing up this house, all 11 rooms and a garage that hides a bazillion boxes of junk. In fact, the more I think about moving the more excited I feel. I have the whole project planned out to the finest detail, I have offers of help for packing, meals, moving, unpacking, more meals and even a ‘get out of jail free’ card (girls movie night out) to recharge before the unpacking starts again.

Based on the other 676 thousand times I’ve moved house I am determined this time is going to be different (yep, I’ve said that about 675 times before!) because I have pre-printed labels to slap on each box, pre-sticky’d from the faithful creatopia. I have all the decluttering done that needs to be done, donations are made and sale items are sold. A tip run is scheduled for Wednesday then it’s all about packing, packing and packing.

I’ve gone into this with a long term vision of what I want to see at the other end. I do not want to see crap that I have no home for. Books that don’t fit on my bookcase have been filtered and rehomed, clothes that I haven’t worn for over 6 months have been donated and so on.

I feel rather smug!

So today, whilst I’m on my search for decent, manageable boxes I will do so at leisure because this chick has learnt the hard way that moving house is as stressful as I make it.

Our next home is going to be an old cottage full of character, imperfect and packed with personality that new houses just don’t seem to have. I’m not the contemporary style kinda person, I love the typical British country style verging on shabby chic, I love furniture that does not look like its a picture from a catalogue but has chips and distressed edges. I love glass and old wood, mis-matched patterned fabrics and recycled curtains reborn as a throw over. I may even have a go at making a handmade rug at some point…just a small one. See how it goes! Smile


The current house (above) has been a great stepping stone from where we were. It was my move to take back control of my life after my divorce. Now it’s time to move on, to take the next handful of control that I desire. This house has been a happy home, a place where we have all unwound, relaxed and reflected on life; the good, the bad and the difficult. It was the place we all grew, matured, developed and eventually out grew. I hope the next phase of our lives continues to get better.

Don’t know when I’ll actually blog again, we have just 3 weeks left in this house and ideally I’m looking to be out a week earlier so I can make sure I hand it over to the landlord in pristine condition. I have seriously prioritised my time and deeds. The free time I do have is spent studying my scriptures, something that I am getting so much calm, peace, reassurance and happiness from right now.

What are your days looking like?


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