Saturday, 9 April 2011

the top 5 to-dos when i move…

All this organising and packing isn’t quite as traumatic as I thought it would be, {though give it time and I’m sure it could be} so whilst I was out on my box hunt I managed to get hold of a new magazine and some totally cool wooden boxes. So now my head is full of exciting things I’m itching to make:

1. Country Homes & Interiors: Where have I been to miss this one?!!


2. The wooden boxes/crates: Perfect for spraying in cool colours and using for kids toys, fruit and veg {they’re stackable}, towels, magazines, craft storage and more. Some of mine will have new handmade inner covers that I’m yet to do, just to pretty them up!


3. Used, clear bottles: This came to me as after I was a little late with mothers day and was looking for something fun for the kids to make. However, because I nabbed quite a few of them from our Relief Society bash last week I am now going to fill 3 of them with coloured water {it will need to be changed regularly and it wont stain so you can alternate colours} using food colouring.


4. Bunting: As the new house has a double balcony outside two of the bedrooms I figured we’d spruce up the space and have some fun, brightly coloured bunting and table sets going on. The fun bit is I’m making them all out of oilcloth so they will withstand light showers and be totally wipeable!


{photo credit: Vintage Amethyst}

5. Self decorated plant pots: Lots of these lovely babies will line all the way round the balcony. All the pots we have range from terracotta, ceramic and tin so we are going to have a day of painting and decorating them before we fill them with perennial beauties!


{photo credit: The Micro Gardener}

flower pot

{photo credit: Kaysie Norman}

So that is my top 5 things for kicking of spring {a little late but that’s just my style!}

What are your top 5 spring essentials?


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