Friday, 8 April 2011

6 Quick tips when decluttering/moving home

I am a firm believer that we each adopt our own habits and styles when decluttering a room and/or moving home. My style is one room at a time till there is nothing left to be done in there till move day. However, by doing this I have hit a few irritating things I do and I now urge you to overcome any frustration by using these tips:

    1. Don’t bother with marker pens. I have lost 4 in an hour. Only me in the room. I haven’t left the room. I am not wearing pockets. I can’t find them anywhere! So I came up with another idea which is probably quicker in the long run. Print off a sheet of labels for each room, stick them through your creatopia then cut them to size and bingo, you are set to go.
    2. Reinforce the bottom of your boxes before you pack. Just don’t ask!
    3. Where possible lay 4/6 books flat on the bottom of each box, this will spread out the weight of the books and provide a stable ‘nest’ when adding other things.
    4. Don’t be afraid to use small boxes. Yes it may take longer to unload but whoever is carrying them will be grateful. {Smaller ones are also perfect for a makeover when you unpack….with paint, plastic coating, wallpaper, fabric etc}
    5. Do separate labels, in much larger type for breakables. Again, don’t make the boxes too heavy and use small ones.
    6. When packaging breakables, don’t be afraid to use your bedding, blankets, fabric stash and clothing. Saves heaps on sourcing it, buying it and rubbish at the other end!


So there you have it. Trial and error on my part!


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