Thursday, 10 March 2011

The other side to the british homemaker

For a while now I’ve been working on a specific side to The British Homemaker but because of how my clients came to me I didn’t feel the need to do any outward advertising. However, my networking friends are banging their heads with me and threatened my life, nagged me to begin putting it out there! So I got the site done, focused solely on the area that I am commissioned to do and put up all the information I can possibly put up.
So if you want to see what The British Homemaker does when kids/home and church commitments are in check (and when they’re not!) come visit my site:
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I am very blessed that my trading is constant and from all areas of life. Not only do I have personal clients who are looking to utilise their space but those who are financially limited, have a growing family and/or looking to earn extra income from things they have in their homes. I also have a number of business who commission me to work with them in their offices, store rooms, canteens, warehouses and even their desks!
One thing that makes me unique is my suppliers ability to offer my clients superbly priced storage systems from baskets through to complete solutions that are functional, attractive and easy to put together. My suppliers are the best at what they do and work very closely with what my clients need and want.
I believe in what I do, I give 100% personal service to all my clients and by the time I leave each one of them have achieved the wow factor they didn’t expect! So, if YOU want to use my services….hop on over to the site, check it all out then give me a call or an email.
My testimonials and photos still need to be updated but they are on their way!
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