Monday, 7 March 2011

lighthouse in the night

A couple of months ago the Relief Society and Young Women sang in sacrament. The chosen song, Lighthouse in the night, is  a young woman song but when you listen to the words they are so powerful and uplifting I dare anyone not to raise a tear.

As a mother of a teenage daughter, my heart aches that she no longer comes to church with me. I allow her the free agency her Father in Heaven gave her and while she still lives many of the principles she’s been taught and isn’t against the church or doctrine, I do worry that she is missing out on the wonderful messages that young women her age so need in this world. This song was sang where the RS sang to the YW then the YW sang the chorus…in confirmation of them knowing who they are, why they are here and just how precious they really are.

Take a listen… wont regret it…but just go grab a tissue or ten first! Smile


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