Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Yesterday was the Dean Entrepreneurs graduation. We were all nervous and excited at the same time. We have worked hard on this course, we’ve all followed a journey that, at times frustrated the heck out of us. As a group of about 18 we have become friends, a family even and we have supported one another in a range of different ways. For me this course has not only allowed me to broaden my business scope, not only make friends but it has given me the confidence in myself to actually make something of The British Homemaker.

Working on the many parts of setting up a business that works has been challenging, tiring and at times difficult but it was never an option to quit. Not this time. The group presentation was filled with pride, seeing how far each of us had come, how we’d managed to pull off all we’d worked for and then present our businesses to the standard we were finally happy with. A couple of us are already trading, some are about to begin trading but I believe that by the end of the year ALL of them will be out there, in the Forest of Dean getting their clients and customers without much effort.


Sue is the owner of Flat Cap Dogs, she makes homemade dog treats that are of human quality. She is also my new walking buddy. Sue is fun, upbeat and full of life. Sue will be trading in the next few weeks and already has a customer waiting: Jake!


Sarah is the talented owner of Chocolate Strawberry. Catering to children’s parties and other food related events. I look at Sarah’s gorgeous work and feel they are too good to eat! Having tried Sarah’s yumminess I can verify that my son will love the party Sarah is going to do for his 7th birthday this year! Sarah will officially begin trading this September.


Johanka is just lovely, funny and real! She is an amazing artist and is already taking commissions. See that art behind her there, the one with the 3d face? That’s what we are commissioning her to do later in the year! I expect to get many guest invites to the galleries and shows Johanka holds!


Our lovely Ben from Relax Design is already trading. He builds websites, maintains them and shows a phenomenal talent with his graphic designs too. Ben has been a great source of support for us in the group so far and I know that his no-jargon approach will keep his clients more than happy! Go Ben! :)


Deb is the next childrens clothing label! Sprogs is already hitting the mark in the Forest and although she isn’t officially trading for a couple more weeks yet she has already presented her preloved items and been a hit!


Then we have Simon, our seaman! Coming into civvie world has not been easy for him after 20 years on the most gorgeous of ships, however he has overcome so much to get to where he is now, about to begin training people in all areas of Health & Safety etc. Here he is talking to our Mayoress and showing her his awesome presentation.


Last but not least is me and Jo. Jo is a long time business veteran but expanding into holistic therapy. She most certainly bought calm to our group yesterday, but then she has that about her anyway! As for me, I think it’s time I done more walking and Wii fit’ing!! Smile

Well done to the Dean Entrepreneurs, you guys are amazing and I’m so proud of you all. So looking forward to our next meet up!

Can’t forget the one person who made all this happen, our lovely tutor, Miranda Jenkins from Skills2go. A photo will hopefully follow shortly but without Miranda’s support, expertise and encouragement I’m sure many of us would have given up long since!

In less than 24 hours since the graduation the offers of further professional support and sponsorship are sitting in my inbox…I have to keep checking on them because they just don’t seem real to me!

Next part of this journey is going to be the award ceremony in May!


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