Friday, 25 February 2011

My beautiful mess…

I’m linking up to Just Drink a Coke who is hosting a fun link up willing us to share our beautiful mess. Fell on a good day for me because up until 7pm’ish I’ve been child free for 24 hours and as the house was already blitzed, the only mess is my dining table with my sewing stuff and 1/2 of Kirsten’s room that I haven’t got to yet {and not sure I want to!} so here is my input:


Just for good measure, here is Charleys too:


However, if we are talking beautiful mess, this is not to be confused:


The other half of Kirsten’s room. A temporary dumping space…but wait till it’s been transformed into the shabby chic-cafe-beautification-salon-kinda-space!!


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