Friday, 25 February 2011

Bedroom makeover: Half done, Half dead!

I was without children for a good 24 hours and got crackin’ on the 8 month long slow process of Kirsten’s bedroom makeover. Initially it was planned out to be in baby blue and mocha and cream. So between my mom and I we made all kinds of goodness from a new headboard to a heart shaped name banner, from painting the walls to buying new bedding, only for the princess to change her mind. Now ordinarily I’d say ‘tough’ and carry on, but I am mostly glad because that mocha really didn’t go well in the room with the way the light went and I just couldn’t pull it together. So out came the blues and creams up to my room, off went the mocha and back came the magnolia walls!

So bit by bit my former room of black, red and white slowly got transferred to Kirsten’s space only now it looks so much better. It’s not done yet but by jove I swear its going to finish me off! So far this is where I am at:


The blinds took a little improvising. I wanted buttons not flowers but given that I was only allowed to use 3 colours I figured they would add something extra. Yet to do is the over curtains, just as soon as I find one of my two drills to put the pole up!

Then came:


The name banner. Not good photos but I was too far tired to care at this point!


I went for the raggedy look with the banner because everything else was so neat and stark, something had to liven it up!


My favourite part here is the peg board….it’s an old bed slat with wooden clothes pegs glued on then spray painted black! Love it!


The quick artwork adds something personal. I’m not sure what she’ll say when she see that sneaky bit of pink and green in there but hey, it looks nice for now! I’ve still to make a table cloth, a bin cover and lots of cushions as well as blinds and curtains for the other window (she has a big room) before I then begin a furniture make over with my spray gun, fabric and wall paper! Smile

Any offers of help here? I am totally makeover’d out!! hehe


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