Saturday, 8 January 2011

What is homemaking to you?

Like may homemakers I live by lists. Through December I shared some of those lists to hold myself accountable but today, as I sat at the dining table I recognised my list making is a little less than a part time job!


What I am trying to achieve today is a 100% clean and tidy house, while it’s still Saturday! My thinking is rather logical, to me that is, though in reality it’s unrealistic.For starters I have 11 rooms that need a good overhaul and as good as the kids ‘can’ be it just wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t do it myself! I have a full calendar next week, with my church calling to-do’s, school stuff, my courses (2 of), and some work appointments I am worried that the running of my home and keeping my kids organised will suffer and that’s not including the kids clubs, homework etc.

In reality the world never ended when targets weren’t met, no person ever died and no family ever fell apart.


So why do I still feel myself feeling that guilty knot in my stomach when I think about wrapping up and going for a walk? I still feel a little blah with the swine flu but I also feel so much better than I did yesterday and therefore I cannot condone sitting on my butt!


I know, no matter how I try and readjust my thinking I will get on and blitz the house before giving Kirsten 10 good reasons why she should cook dinner tonight!

They psychology of Homemaking is not something to get into right now!! Winking smile


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