Thursday, 13 January 2011

Sponsorship for Daisy

Before I begin, please be aware that I am not looking for appraisal for the move I am making for my niece. I am just grateful that after all this time there is finally something I can do to contribute towards making Daisy’s life just a little bit easier.

I can’t help with giving her cuddles (even though I’d love to), I can’t take the pain away for her, though I would in a flash if I could. I can’t help with transport, (they live quite a way away) and I can’t help to make this go away, though I would if I could.

For months I’ve felt rather useless so I’ve relied on prayers to petition the Heavenly Father I know to help Daisy and her mom through this ordeal. It’s easy for me to do this and for me to  put my faith in God, but I’m not the mommy that has to be dealing with this every day. I’m not the little girl who is going through the medical procedures, missing out on school and friends. I’m not the one who’s world has been tipped upside down.

No, that is Daisy and her family.

Me, I just have the head hair to be shaved off. To me it’s a big thing, it’s something I can do to connect with Daisy and I hope one day she will interpret it as my way of telling her:

I love you. I don’t see you very often and each time I do I smile at your cuteness and how fast you are growing. We often think of  you and you are in our prayers every day. You are not far from our hearts and I hope one day I can get to chat to you again and hear all about your little world.

So please forgive me when I ask that I do not get praise for what I am doing. I don’t want thanks for anything, I simply want as many people as possible to sponsor me to go bald, to donate a little something towards the phenomenal costs that Daisy’s mommy is facing and help make Daisy’s life a little easier as she embarks on a very long journey to regain her life.


Just wanted that to be very clear.


Now, if you are  Facebook user, please feel free to add the Sponsorship for Daisy page to your likes, please consider updating your status with it and asking your friends to do the same. If you or any of your friends are able to donate, please contact: 'TheDaisyMeeleyTrust at where Daisy’s mum will point you to the paypoint.

When I have received further info on the paypoints I will add them to the sidebar. If anyone wishes to remain anonymous that will be totally respected. All funds will go to the trust fund and NOT to me.


In the next few weeks, I will be appearing on local radio stations, in local newspapers and on various local sites to raise awareness.

My hair will be shaved off the day Daisy begins her chemo, the date is yet to be confirmed. The event will be photographed by my good friend, Tony, there are some local companies who are willing to sponsor me and the event and if YOU can do anything to assist, please email me: thebritishhomemaker at


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