Thursday, 27 January 2011

Magazines: Where do you store yours?

I have a client who has over 2000 car/motorcycle magazines that are neatly lined up in date order on a handmade unit in his hallway. When I saw them I was glued to the sheer volume! When I found out they were from all over the world, dating back years and years I figured he must be totally wacko or a professional driver of some sort.

Wrong. He’s a milkman. Always has been.

I have always enjoyed magazines, I love homemaking ones, diy ones, craft ones and psychology ones. I don’t go for these celebrity or real life stories but ones that feed my general creative interest. At one point I would spend around £20 a month on them, sometimes more.
When I purged my craft room I was stunned with how many I’d gathered over the last 2/3 years, it was that point I decided I just wasn’t going to buy them anymore, well the odd one here and there! Ok, ok I buy Sew Hip each month but that's cos I actually USE it! Open-mouthed smile I gave a lot to my mom, a few I kept (I limited myself to 20 which is a drop in the ocean if you seen the final volume!) and the rest went on freecycle. I won’t get into my church publications of The Ensign, The New Era or The Friend, I’m sure they don’t count! Open-mouthed smile

Not having extra stuff laying around means I can find the things that I actually use. I can think clearer when I’m working on a project or I can find something that leads to an idea and off I go.

It also means I can find my desk.

Now I keep my favourite magazines in a basket at the side of my coffee table so I can glance through them at leisure. The oldest one in there goes back to 1999!! Ha!
Where do you keep your magazines? And own up, how many do you really have?
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