Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Kids: Bedtime tv

Do your kids watch tv at bedtime? I know this is a controversial subject but I’ve always been ok with it myself, all 4 of them have been happy to snuggle down and generally doze off without too much fuss.


So when my 6 yr old announced he was giving up bedtime tv I was shocked but figured we’d just wait and see.

He’s on day 6 now and he still has no intention of changing his mind. He is reading his favourite books, trying to write a journal and quietly playing with some of his lego men.

When asked why he made this choice he was very clear:

I need to get as good as I can with my reading and I need to learn my scriptures.

I couldn’t really argue with that eh? I must admit though, he does settle down quicker and seems to be totally ok with his decision.

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For years the tv has been a controversial issue with many parents, but to me it is whatever we make of it. There was a time when our tv was on all the time, often no-one would be watching it but still, it was on. For the last year or so I have made a daily point of the tv not being on at all for so many hours when the kids are home. When I’m home alone it’s only ever on if I have the radio on via Sky. If I had my way I would get rid of all the tv’s in the house and focus on other activities, hobbies and interests but I have to admit, our family cinema nights really are something to keep, oh, and the Wii playing too!

So now I am reassessing my tv viewing when I go to bed. Kirsten rarely puts her tv on, she prefers music and/or reading so now it’s just me that has the problem!

I think it’s time to break out a new batch of books…not those fiction kind though, I much prefer biographies/educational/motivational reading.


What about your home? Are you or your kids big on tv? Does it work or are you like some friends of mine and refuse to have a tv in your home altogether?


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