Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Getting the kids to tidy up is not easy!

For  years I couldn’t motivate my kids to clean their rooms or in the kitchen without some shouting match. It wore me down.

Eventually I clicked that there is a much easier way to get them going. This post is inspired by the lovely Beckie at Infarrantly Creative who has come up with a system of her own that works a treat on her two young children.

I remember a couple of years ago asking 2 of my kids what they saw as we stood in the doorway of my small, one surface top kitchen as it piled up with plates, cups and other stuff. Both of them looked at me blankly. I asked them to look round the room and tell me what they see there.

Then they broke down each job that needed doing.

And thunder struck me, the penny dropped!

When I look in a room I see all the jobs that need doing, the cushions, the cups, slippers, toys, books, wii remotes and all that. The kids, though, saw things one at a time.

So now, when I ask for help or assign chores they are asked to do one at a time till their room (or whatever room they’re helping with) is complete.

This has taken away so much stress for me as well as them.

I do have a little book of cards hanging on the magnet board in the dining room, listing chores in each room of the house. When we have our weekly family clean up (cos I do most of it they need to learn how to care for a home too) they take their booklets and refer to that when tackling a room.

What do you do to get your kids motivated to clean up in your home?


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