Sunday, 30 January 2011

Decluttering: My craft room. {doh}

UntitledThis last week I’ve was challenged to sort out my craft room. You know when they say ‘don’t buy a car from a mechanic’ or ‘a house from a builder’? Well, dont expect someone who comes to sort out your clutter and storage solutions to have a sorted, workable craft room!
At the end of day 1 this is what my landing looks like:
DSCF0158What you don’t see is how none of the 4 doors on the landing cannot be got to, nor the stairs that go up to my room! The only route is from my craft room door and down the stairs!
A lot of this will not be going back in, a good portion of this is storage solutions which will go to some of my clients {trust me, when coming to storage solutions most often we only need look in our recycle bins to find what we are looking for} to save them £££’s on unnecessary spending!
So, more on this room in a day or two….if I survive!
p.s. It's that time again, folks....time for some awesome guest bloggers. Starting tomorrow there is going to 3 new guests posters throughout this week sharing some wonderful articles with you...and I hope you are nice to them!! ;) hehe

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