Thursday, 6 January 2011

Chicken Pox, Swine Flu & Walkers Crisps

On Christmas Eve Charley was diagnosed with Chicken Pox, by the evening he was a dot-to-dot picture suitable for a 3 yr old! Jay and I doused him with calamine lotion and kept reminding him not to scratch the itches.

He done really well and persevered. His scalp was plastered so you could barely put a pen between them so many mornings he’d wake with scabs on his pillow where he’d caught one as he turned over.

Now, 2 weeks later he’s in the incubation time for them to disappear and the infection apparent again. This is when I developed spots.

Lots of them.


I’ve had Chicken Pox 3 times now and never had shingles, as I thought they were in adults. Then just as they settle down I develop flu like symptoms but life goes on. My energy levels plummet, my breathing shallows and my joints ache to the touch. My GP tells me to not go into the surgery and as I’m otherwise healthy I am not a priority for the medication they are urgently needing for this super sized outbreak.

So I suffer.

Day after day.

Night after night.

Barely filling a full 10 mins of sleep before waking up with a roaring cough that has since pulled muscles in my throat, ribs area and my stomach.

To add to the fun, all I can manage to eat is Walkers salt and vinegar crisps. Not something I usually eat.

However, in the meantime, Charley can go back to school on Monday and am hoping to get back to normal.

Swine flu is mean, uncaring and much more difficult than the regular strain of flu.

I’m just very grateful that I have only had a mild form of it and I have survived it.

At some point next week I will share some easy, healthy meals and a couple of quick home projects.

Oh and a pretty awesome guest blogger….!! Winking smile


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