Friday, 21 January 2011

Call with the news reporter

I have been doing a lot of emailing/calling to get some awareness to my loverly, long dark hair being skinned off, I have got donations from Next, free printing from a local company, radio shows lined up, people waiting to actually part with money to sponsor/donate and it’s gone all very crazy!

Good crazy though.

Today, one of the local newspaper reporters called me, he wants to do an on going story of Daisy and my hair cutting. I am so excited, that means a lot more awareness to the cause and if that only means one person doesn’t feel alone then that’s good. If it means one more person tries out for the bone marrow transplant list, that's even better. We can all do something to contribute to save a life!

While I was on the phone, this guy wanted to know a little more about me, all I really wanted anyone to know was that I am Daisy’s aunt and I want to do something rather than just sit on my ample butt! However, we talked a little about my business and where it’s taken me lately, he then asked if he can do a separate story about me!

The British Homemaker is joining forces with a few other local, small companies just  now, I am embarking on one line of homemaking and so far I am being called, emailed and even texts for pricing!

Anyone for a clutter sorter and a reorganiser? Winking smile

Right, ready to sponsor me yet? Want to donate? Please click the Paypal link on the right side there and feel free. In the message box please state if you want to be anonymous or not because you may be named in the giving thanks post Smile

*edited to say: the newspaper photographer is coming to my home tomorrow morning to take pictures of me pretending to cut my hair! eek!! Watch this space….


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