Sunday, 26 December 2010

My kind of homemaking…

I am pretty much house proud. I don’t often admit it because I don’t often see it. The kids get out their books, toys, games or whatever and it doesn’t bother me. I have my routine, my way of doing things and it works for us. The last few days my 21 yr old son and daughter in law have been here with my 3 month old granddaughter and I have loved every minute of it.

DSCF0760 Jay and Tara taking a few minutes to open their gifts.DSCF0767 Bailey just loves the play ring my mum bought her.

I don’t need to ask them to do anything because they will chip in, though if I do ask them to do a chore they’ll do it no problem. It’s so easy.  It’s natural that there are going to be things around that normally wouldn’t be, the already limited kitchen sides hold more than usual and it’s ok.

DSCF0787 Before the big feed.

For me, the testing time comes after I’ve woke up. I hate to wake up to plates in the sink, untidied cushions and the like but right now, after napping I sit here in the silence and see the left over wrapping paper, over flowing bin, presents, sweets, toys, blankets, jigsaws and empty boxes. I can see the dirty table cloth from Christmas dinner, some ornaments off the tree that have been accidentally knocked off and the hoover unwound on the dining room floor.

DSCF0789 Don’t even know how to coffee table walked down the room 2 or 3’ but who cares?

And I am surprising myself. Really.

DSCF0790 The side of my desk temporarily in the living room.

None of it is bothering me. The mess is telling me that five of my favourite people are here, had a great day, feel relaxed and now sleeping upstairs. It tells me that dinner was a success, that presents have been enjoyed and they have not only had fun playing on the Wii but just hanging out together.

DSCF0781 Costumes, Woody & Buzz were the hit this year, the xbox is still sat in his room!

I have an overwhelming feeling of being happy and content. I don’t feel the urge to get up and tidy every inch of the downstairs at this unearthly hour, I don’t feel that tight feeling in my chest like I usually do and I don’t see a messy house.

I see how my house has converted to a home. I don’t care that it needs hoovering or tidying and it’ll probably take a couple of hours to do it. Nope, it’s all staying where it is till in the morning when all we’ll do is a quick tidy up before starting all over again!

DSCF0716 Bailey wants the paper but doesn’t want to work for it!

Homemaking is not all about being organised, clean, tidy, organised and spotless, it’s all about creating a home that works, a routine that changes and allows  you to enjoy the moments but be prepared for the next day.

Today we are prepared for tomorrow, a lil tidying up and a lot more time together because when all is said and done, homemaking really creates a home…and its people that make any building a home.

I love homemaking!

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