Saturday, 11 December 2010

A little like Christmas

Christmas is a little late in our house this year. 11 days too late to be precise. First we decided we’d get a fresh tree so we moved round the living room, re-homed the piano to the dining room, swapped the display unit in the hall and voila, one room ready for a super tall, super wide tree.

Just not on the 1st December!

Severe weather conditions meant that many of the tree’s weren’t able to be delivered here so we were on ‘hold’. Through this last week whilst waiting to get internet connection by the new supplier (see The British Homemaker Diary for more info) I worked through my to-do list like it was a marathon. The temptation was almost overwhelming to just give in and go buy an artificial one.

Today I’m glad we didn’t! This baby has made himself totally at home in the living room, so much so we had to cut his diet branches back an inch or two!


Next challenge comes from the erm, lack or ornaments! Last  year I gave a lot away and dumped the rest. The few I kept are ones that have been with us over the years, stuff the kids made etc. I clean forgot that I needed to buy/make a whole load of them.

So now, my fast decreasing to-do list has just gone right up a notch. Or 50 to make/buy new goodies for the tree!

The lil guy, on the other hand is in his element. Getting in from a day of shopping he stripped off his jeans and sweater, jumped in the bath, grabbed his pj top and pants and settled with an Options mint chocolate and marshmallows.


That was him quiet for a whole 10 minutes!! :D Two quotes from Charley:

Scene: At the Christmas tree place


Me: Erm, it’s a Christmas tree he’s carrying!

Charley: Doh

Scene: In the shop

Me: Come on then dude, out.

Charley: Out is my middle name. *funny voice* out the bath Charley, out the car Charley, out the cupboard Charley, out the door Charley.

Me: Wanna come in then?

Charley: Nah, I know where I am when I’m out!!

The kid is funny! He’s at that age where his humour has developed phenomenally, his trickster side is in full swing and his wit is out of this world!

I love that kid.

Now to find something to put on the tree…edible maybe? :D


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