Saturday, 4 December 2010

Keeping up with Christmas

Remember the last post when I said I have so much going on that I won’t have time to blog?

Well I have decided to hold myself accountable and blog my daily to-do list over on The British Homemakers Diary.

Today is day 2 and so far I’m doing pretty ok, but lets see what happens in a week or two! Lol

While all is good and well here, the kids are busy doing their to-do list to ensure that when Jay, Tara, Bailey and Scott arrive they are organised and ready for the best Christmas ever. Me, I am determined that this year, while busy now, come Christmas Eve it will be the first day to relax and enjoy all the wonderful blessings that I have.

My philosophy this year is ‘’preparation & organisation’’. So far, though I have a little more on my plate than I’d like, I am happy to actually have so much stuff going on. I am meeting more wonderful people, doing some things for the first time and having a ball with it all. I love that my friends know my talents and want to include me in what they’re doing, I love that I have been given so much by my Heavenly Father and I am able to stand back and really feel His love for me. Yep, even someone like me is worthy of a love so great that its incomprehensible.

This year I became more independent than I was last year, this year I can say, hand on heart, that I have achieved more than I have lost and I have more than I ever had in ways that make me happiest.

I am the nanna to a beautiful, perfect, happy baby girl who makes my heart flutter each time I see her. I get to share her first Christmas and love her so much till my heart hurts. I know I will cry when Jay and Tara take her home in January but that’s ok, I wouldn’t give up those predicted tears for anything.

I love my Bailey boo and I love my four children. All three of my older ones are all the things I ever raised them to be, even though they went the hard way round at times, I love who they are now, I love how they work through life and become better and stronger.

Yep, I am blessed.

I wouldn’t change this for all the money in the world, for all the tea in China and for all the holidays available.. My kids are my legacy, my granddaughter is my future. What more is there?

In all, 2010 has been very kind to me. Throw in the odd challenge and I have seen just how far I have come, how I have become a woman of strength more so than a strong woman (think about it, they are two different things) and for that I am grateful.

Busy? Yes. Happy? Yes Grateful? Yes Content? Yes Worth it? You bet!!

No photos in this post…my kids are calling me to get done so we can go get our fresh Christmas tree….


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