Sunday, 12 December 2010

From the kitchen table…part V

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Sunday’s kitchen table is all about simple things:

  • Dinner with my mom, son and nephew
  • Writing Christmas cards
  • Writing letters to people I’d usually email
  • Planning out next weeks to-do list!

Quite simple, right? Time consuming but fun.

Yesterday was almost like a catch up:

  • Picked up the Christmas tree
  • Fought with said tree to get in its funky new stand
  • Decorated tree & began making popcorn strings
  • Touched up paint in Kirsten’s room (another story for another day)
  • Finished blinds & hung
  • Repainted bedside units
  • Re-made the headboard
  • Survived. Just.

Tomorrow will hold something quite different, I have my course in the morning and Charley’s Christmas play in the afternoon so after that my to-do list will be editing the recording of the play and sticking them on cd. Not a big task, really, is it? But I’ve never done this editing video’s before so I could possibly either get lost in action or…well the alternative isn’t worth thinking about!;)

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