Monday, 6 December 2010

From the kitchen table…part IV

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Another week, another dollar, or so they say. Now I have re-energised after a day of chilling out I am ready to share with you today’s to-do list. Ready?

Back tracking on last weeks list is:

    • Wrap presents
    • Spray branches & vase
    • Decorate little tree soap decorations
    • Make Charley’s Wise Men crown for school play
    • Finish sewing Bailey’s skirt & trousers
    • Finish painting one wall in Kirsten’s room
    • Hang Kirsten’s blinds
    • Pick up 3 old doors ready for making new desk - more on that later

Now for today's list:

  • Part 1 business course
  • Drop boxes off at Whitecroft
  • Call British Gas re cooker not working
  • Sort 6 boxes of Kirsten’s junk - recycle/eBay/donate
  • Call hospital to reschedule Charley’s & my appointments
  • Make bunting for Christmas party x 2
  • Take finished costumes in to school
  • Pick up other sewing projects for the play
  • Post eBay orders
  • Post Secret Santa parcel
  • Post letters to Military guys
  • Write Christmas cards & post
  • Collect kids from school
  • Search for a good double bed
  • Sew Charley’s badges on his Beaver sweater

At some point I need to also:

  • Clean the kitchen floor
  • Clean bathrooms x 2
  • Move living room round
  • Clean patio windows and frames
  • Walk the dog
  • Hoover my car

I have a funny feeling either today is going to be super long or I’m not going to achieve all that is here! Either way, it’s ok, I am not going to kill myself!

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