Sunday, 5 December 2010

From the kitchen table….part III

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Yesterday proved to be pretty good at getting things checked off, I also got things done that wasn’t on the to-do list. However, the biggest thing that I failed on was the Christmas tree. When we got to Beechenhurst Lodge to collect, we found that the severe weather conditions the rest of the UK was experiencing had held up delivery. So I bought the stand (after scrapping the idea of a cement bucket!) and we had a wonder round. Come walk again with us:


The entrance, looks so pretty with that snow sitting up on the canopy, dontcha think?


“Where’s Rudolph, Mom?” asked my 6 yr old son. “Ooh he’s just resting up ready for the big night” ‘Nuff said, the boy was happy to chatter on to Prancer and Dancer (hey, I couldn’t think of any other names!)


The views into the various trails was so pretty; with few people around it looked so peaceful and I’m sure I could feel the wild animals out there watching me ;)

But just before we go, how about the entrance to Santa’s office? No Christmas can happen without a visit to Santa himself!



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