Saturday, 4 December 2010

From the kitchen table…part II

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I sit here today with a little sense of accomplishment, that is until I revisit my calendar and realise how much more there is to do! *sigh*
Today, all fairy chores are on the back burner cos we' (the kids and I) are off to get a fresh tree. Usually our tree is up on the 1st of December and decorations thereafter, so this year is different, in a way.  The biggest decision we have to make is do we have Norway Spruce, Lodgepole Pine or Nordman Fir…I guess we’ll just see when we get there
The rest of todays to-do list is:
  • Pick up large pot & cement (to hold tree)
  • Finish painting one wall in Kirsten’s room
  • Feed kids
  • Sort decorations to dress tree this evening
  • Pick up Christmas music box from storage
  • Bake apple crumble
  • Iron kids uniforms for Monday
  • Prepare roast dinner for tomorrow
  • Prepare for Branch Council meeting tomorrow
  • Hoover bedrooms
  • Hang Kirsten’s blinds
  • Buy repositionable hooks
  • Finish some to-do’s from yesterdays list
  • Pick up 3 old doors ready for making new desk - more on that later.
~ edited to check off the completed tasks. who knows what I'll achieve this evening! :)

Each day seems rather chaotic but as each job is done it gets me one step closer to where I want to be. This year is going to be extra special because:
  • I am building a new style desk area in my room
  • My office/craft room is being condensed again
  • That room will then become a fully functional guest room - for Scott who will be home on Boxing Day till February!!
  • Kirsten’s room still has some finishing touches before her big reveal and before Jay, Tara & Bailey Boo get to move in for the Christmas and New Year period - Yep, I get to share my 1st granddaughters 1st Christmas - aweseometastic at its grandest!!
  • Preparing for a long winter means I need to get everyone set up for plenty of good, fun things to do.
  • Food shopping will wait till the week before Christmas when I go to Costco in Bristol.
  • I am working on a large, extravagant Christmas party with my committee for approx 100 people! If I survive this I will be booking our holiday for next year to regain momentum!
That’s just for starters, in between there’s lots of other, smaller but significant things that most of us need/want to do. Do you feel my pain yet? Oh I’m sure you do!
So come on and add your pain here…what is your to-do list like today?

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