Friday, 17 December 2010

From the kitchen table … part VII

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I hate lists! For as long as I can remember I’ve lived by them, defended them, worked them, scribbled out, added on and rigidly used them.

When I sat at the table this morning for my usual 10 minute catch up with myself I decided to check back on my progress.


While I am on target with tomorrow’s branch Christmas Party, I am behind with the house. While I have broke even with gifts/wrapping and posting, I am behind with the handmade presents. While I’m ahead with the planning and preparing, I’m actually way behind with the actual doing.

On the upside though, Charley went to school with some cute hand made gifts for his teachers, headteacher and the lollipop lady (don’t ask!). Wanna see?


To make 7 of these I decided to set a budget, throw a few idea’s round and then gave Charley the choice on what idea he wanted to settle on. Each one was different, though made from all the same items and even though I suggested we  put the wordles into a frame, Charley chose the paper plates instead. To make all 7 of them totalled just 6.80, his budget was 10.00. Yep he got to keep the change!

Tomorrow I’ll show  you my tree….honest to goodness as it stands right now! ;)

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